North East Futsal League

India's first mixed gender league

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Futsal League team details

  • team name: Assam Titans


    About the Team

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  • team name: Arunachal Highlanders


    Goalkeeper:- Hage Takang ( Captain)

    Midfielder:- Byabang agio , Karlo Bui , Giani Ramching Mara , Taba Sama

    Defence:- Mario Navarro Penalver ( caoch )

    Forward:- Paula Boza Gil , Langda Mina , Romik Tapa ,

  • team name: Play Five Manipur


    Midfielder:- Md. Yasir , Mohammad

    Goalkeeper:- Md. Abujar

    Forward :- Patrick Kamei ( captain) , Ranjibala , Thahenbi , Joana Garcia Duran

    Defender:- Mohammad Chaoba ( caoch) , Henry Opara

    Manager :- Badrur Rahman

  • team name: Meghalaya Thunders


    Goalkeeper:- Denington Nongrum

    Defenders:- Arki Maitlynti Makri , Andre Makri , Francis Onyeama

    Midfielder:- Batskhem Nongsiej , Lily L Nongkynrih , Evan Pohplet , Ariana Martos Romero

    Striker:- Carlos Nongsiej , Nangteiskhem Nongrum , Ilenaki Laloo

    Coach :- Nangteiskhem Nongrum Manager :- Kieffer Kharphuli

  • team name: Mizo Falcons


    Goalkeeper :- Zothanmawia

    Defender:- C. Lalrinsanga, Lalawmpuia ( captain)

    Midfielder :- P.C. Lalhruaitluanga , Jessica Pastor Carreno , Jenny VL Hmangaihsangi , Elizabeth Vanlalmawii , C. Lalruatsanga

    Forwards :- Alan Lalhriatpuia , Michael Okwudili Coach :- Zosangliana Khawlhring

    Manager :- Lalmuanawma

  • team name: Nagaland Super Five


    About the Team

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futsal Rules of the game

Standard court size of 40m length 20 m width 20 minutes of two halves each with 10 minute break, time outs permitted 5 players on each team with one goalkeeper, unlimited subs & on the fly Exciting, fast paced football action played to lines, with emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique Use of square goals 3m by 2m and size 4 ball with 30% reduced bounce.

Final Match

4 to 5 Assam talks, impact TV and LPS

All the match scedule and timing will be release soon. For more updates please keep in touch

August 31, 2019

Indoor Stadium (Guwahati Assam)

  • 3days
  • 18hours
  • 27minutes
  • 55seconds

pointed table

Match Point table will be release soon

Why NEFL is unique

# Social inclusion and Women Empowerment as it showcases mixed teams which caters to male and female participation and supporting gender neutrality in the game.
# Exposure to other cultures which involves participation of Foreign players
# Access to thousands of untapped talents across Northeast India.
# Alternate sports career for aspiring athletes.
# Promoting health and fitness goals for the Northeast youth.
# Showcase of a new sport in a different format of Football.